Defining Elegance

Green Decorative Pillows

We understand that pillows can play an important role in your decorating scheme.  Sometimes style, theme, or color can be the key element that will enhance your décor.  For that reason, we've gathered all our pillows by category for your convenience.

At, our distinctive pillows are designed to blend beautifully with your vision.

Color Category: Aqua Green, Blue Green, Pure Green, Spring Green, Chartreuse

Patchwork Copper/Chartreuse

Sailboats Aquarium

Sailboats South Pacific

Shibori Vetiver

Vines Antique

Vines Burnt Sage

Vines Citron

Ferns Ombre Grass

Ferns Ombre Teal

Patchwork Green/Brown

Striped Ogee Antique

Striped Ogee Aqua

Zoeppritz Soft Fleece Cosy & Softy