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Decorative Pillows by Zoeppritz


Decorative Pillows by Zoeppritz ...Today, just as in the past, meeting stringent requirements of quality as well as providing excellent customer service are the principal aims of Zoeppritz since 1828. With its fashionable designs, Zoeppritz combines tradition with the latest trends. Conventional as well as innovative materials, extravagant as well as classic designs, sublte as well as bold color combinations are reflected in the various collections. After more than 175 years, Zoeppritz is now more fashionable than it has ever been.

Zoeppritz Booty Pillow

Zoeppritz Chunk Pillow

Cocoon Pillow by Zoeppritz

Explode Turquoise

Soft Fleece Cosy and Softy Pillows